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Have you always wanted to
play the piano? 

You're at the right place! This course is designed for the brand new beginner or someone who has taken a break from the piano. 

Starter Course for Older Beginners
Online Piano Course

This course is designed to get you reading & playing music by ear right away.

We will be using the "Piano Safari for the Older Beginner" Book

by Katherine Fisher & Julie Knerr Hague as the main curriculum,

supplemented by additional improvisation and popular songs. 


Play the piano- right away!

Here at Inside Out Piano,

we believe in the enjoyment of

playing the piano right away.


Rote learning will: 

  • accelerate your learning,

  • increase your motivation 

  • keep you playing at the piano because it's fun!


Read music

We believe in reading as one of the important skills as part of being

a complete musician.


This skill will give you the confidence to read music at sight, starting with reading: 

  • finger numbers

  • steps and skips on the music staff

  • identifying and recognizing patterns 

  • bass notes and chords 


Make up your own music

Human beings are made in the image of God. God is creative, therefore we are creative individuals.


Part of being a complete musician is the ability to improvise or

make up music on the spot!


If speaking in a language helps you practice spontaneous conversation, improvisation is the equivalent match to help you accelerate your piano playing skills. 


How much will the course cost?

Most piano lessons will cost you $30 to upwards of $100 each. 


In a year, traditional 1:1 piano lessons will cost you, on average,  

$1,440 to $4800 a year!


This package is valued at $3,600, but you won't have to pay that much! 

The Starter Course for Older Beginner Online Piano Course is

only $97 for lifetime access. 

You'll have a 30-day guarantee and 100% refund

if you're not completely satisfied. 


Starter for Older Beginner 

Online Piano Course


March 1st, 2023

$59 Pre-sale! 


Valued at $3,600!

Save $38 if you buy the course

before March 1, 2023. 


Starter for Older Beginner

Online Piano Course 

on or after

March 1st, 2023

$97 Original Price

Valued at $3,600! 

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